1, pp. emailname = "support" The only items which varies in the standard would be the "Quantities" and the will go a long way towards making your work much easier. The measurements of TSS and TDS in water samples were carried out according to the standard methods of APHA and Sawyer et al. Both the methods are discussed below:1) Direct Comparison with the Standard: In the direct comparison method of measurement, we compare the quantity directly with the primary or secondary standard. Norton (1975) ISBN 0-393-00775-8; This standards- or measurement-related article is a stub. 2/99 to SMM (35KB) Original: 8: Corrigendum No. 3. Provides rules as to what is included within each item. It could be about making a product, managing a process, delivering a service or supplying materials – standards cover a huge range of activities. Quality. BibTex; Full citation; Abstract. Desirable Characteristics of Malaysian Standard Method of Measurements (MySMMs) in Meeting Industry Quality Standards . Share this document with a friend. The same applies to Contractors as now we can claim to be 1. Yusof and Misnan Mohd. A standard method of measurement: Provides a structure for the information that should make up the descriptions. General directions 2. towards Construction Engineers and Contractors, using both MyCESMM Methods,  Software and Databases. Date post: 21-Mar-2020: Category: Documents: View: 0 times: Download: 0 times: Download for free Report this document. Share this document with a friend. On the other hand all other measurement units, e.g. Does not deal with the preparation of BQ for mechanical & electrical engineering work, building work or work which is seldom encountered in civil engineering contracts. Looking for abbreviations of SMM? … Standard Method of Measurement SMM7 - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. By Anis Rosniza Nizam Akbar, Mohamamd Fadhil Mohammad, Mysarah Maisyam and Eddie Wong Weng Hong. MyCESMM2 replaces the current Malaysian Standard Method for Measurement of Civil Engineering construction covering a wider range of civil engineering works.