And engaging in another fierce brawl[185], Cell gets caught in her goo clone, which effectively immobilizes him and becoming vulnerable. Dragon Ball Multiverse - Alternative ending to the U17 Special (URL: Dragon Ball Multiverse - FAQ: What is Dragon Ball? [6] Also used again during Buu's rampage against Gohan. [42], When Android 17 manages to win against I'K'L due to the latter not being born yet, Southern Kaioshin then easily defeats Butta in one blow. He used this barrier technique to counter Dabura's Evil Flame attack. [87] Completely unfazed and asks Bojack if that was it, the pirate rushes in to deliver more punches. [132] In the novel, Cell further adds that after his zenkai boost, he also inferior to Son Bra since she can crush him in a blink of a eye. [133], Still within his apartment, Cell was engaged in a intense mental exercise where he was fighting both Gohan's in shadow boxing. Dragon Ball Kai - Episódio 71: "Um truque manhoso, o Taiyoken! [183] Despite missed hitting Bra thanks to her teleportation skills, Cell instantly reacts and elbows Bra in the face from behind and tells her that it won't work for a second time, showing he is adjusting to her skills. [6], Death Beam: A concentrated energy projectile that fired from the finger tips. Used to kill Trunks in his universe upon surviving his own self-destruction. But in a blink of a eye, the Gohan from Universe 18 fires a mighty energy wave towards them. [170] And though speculative, but if Bra was able to launch her energy blast at Cell[171], he likely would have perished from it. Provoking Gohan, Cell created four new sons instantly, each being far stronger than the countperparts Gohan killed years ago at the Cell Games. [147] And as their battle intensifies, both are sporting more injuries than previously seen. Believing that further transformations could be achieved, he alone has no need for them since he already at the height of perfection with his current body. [90] When Bojack tells Cell that he can no longer move, Cell arrogantly tells him that he cannot either, further enraging Bojack and promising to cut the bio-android into pieces. During the Second Round match against Bojack (already in his Super form), Cell was amused that Bojack has power highly comparable to his own back during his own Cell Games. [189][190] Thus Cell with all of his buffs was truly no match for a Majinized Son Bra in her Super Saiyan 2 state. [116], When his son was finally called to fight against Western Kaioshin and Nappa as he was partnered with Jeice, Cell became livid when his son used the secretive body manipulation technique to escape Nappa's hold. [8], Initially Cell greatly loathed his imperfections before absorbing any Androids. Deciding to even the odds, Cell increases his size to match Hildegan's own. Motivation is the deciding factor between the two at this level. Dragon Ball is known for it's plot holes and Salagir seems to be exacerbating this issue. Rushing at full speed, Dabura lands a solid left elbow to Cell's face, forcing him to crash on his back as Dabura rises. [6] In the Multiverse Tournament it was used after his battle with Tapion[132] and from battling Nedwook. [188] Before he could eat it, Bra teleports and blasts him and his Junior with a powerful energy wave, instantly killing Cell's son. Cell about Vegetto's power after the Saiyan fight. [168] But upon engaging in close quarters combat, Cell was overpowered before being thrown into the ground. [80], Final Flash: A incredibly dangerous energy wave that deals massive damage. ], Dragon Ball Multiverse - Salagir Comments: Page 164 [, Dragon Ball Multiverse - The Novel: Chapter 142, Dragon Ball Multiverse - The Novel: Chapter 147, Dragon Ball Multiverse - The Novel: Chapter 145, Dragon Ball Multiverse - Salagir's Comments: Page 1623 [You could see from the previous pages that Cell is slightly superior to "Mystic Gohan", aka "a classic SSJ3", but way inferior to a angry Mystic Gohan. Undeterred, Cell resisted his arm to be removed from Hildegan and told it that it was a appetizer compared to the main course of Vegeta. [156] However still very much alive and having lost virtually no energy, Cell fully regenerates and reveals he used Nedwook to attain another zenkai, boosting his power even further than before. DB Multiverse. [143] Completely stupefied, Cell then watches his captured Gohan escaping his hold and saving Videl before getting hit by the attack, destroying his tail. [111] When Goku pitifully fell on his face thanks to the new barrier in place before battling Freeza, Cell gave Vegetto a sneer since he knew the fused saiyan was ashamed. I guess it's a tournament between 20 different timelines). Cell uses this multiple times, with the best case was when he seen Universe 16 going to outer space to combat against Universe 4 Buu. [186] Struct by a devastating kick that not only makes him cough up blood, but it completely blows a hole through his stomach and destroys his wings. stronger!" [138], Self-Destruct: The act of blowing yourself up by swelling up your body with potent ki. Liking his new role and briefly wondering why he resisted for so long, Cell grew excited and destroyed all the furniture in his room with a powerful kick. [97], During Buu's rampage, Cell was able to hold his own against Gohan for a brief while. Página 1387/1823. In this reduced state, Cell knew he was weaker than Gohan, Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and possibly even Piccolo since he finished training for one year in the Room of Spirit and Time. Cell fears Buu's threat that he could forcibly be turned back into his Imperfect state, which is something Buu himself believes he is capable of. Página 1387/1823. If you're not in the know, Dragon ball Multiverse is a fan-made manga that tells the story of a tournament between 20 different universes (different than the 12 universe from the main series. [6], Having survived and returning back thanks to his acquisition of the instant transmission technique, Cell fires a powerful Death Beam that then kills Trunks. [53] Using a double haymaker to disrupt and rupture the barrier, though it cost the demon king much of his energy as Cell mocks him for it. ], Dragon Ball Multiverse - The Novel: Chapter 139. [179] Cell is later highly alerted when they both disappeared from the arena. Immediately Cell wished he could have reabsorbed the Androids back in his universe, but his damaged body back then prevented him and damns Dr. Gero's name for not predicting this scenario so that he could reabsorb them once more through his perfect body to acquire more power. Cell and his children were so strong that they not only easily destroyed the Bojack Gang[37], but also butchered Planet Helior and each Ultra Armor wearer from existence[38] at different points in time. In the novel following Southern Kaioshin defeating Butta, Cell lied to Universe 18 that he never heard or met Bojack. - Full Details Link [URL: Dragon Ball Multiverse - Salagir Comments: Page 1448 [Nameks can regenerate if their brain isn't harmed (quote Piccolo, Buu saga, after he was a broken statue and back to normal offscreen). Cell from U17 vs Dabura from U11. Both Eastern and Northern Kaioshins agreed that Cell is among those who far more superior to the Supreme Kai's despite having a black heart full of evil. [55] Placing his fingers to his head, Cell utilizes his Taiyoken which blinded most people around the tournament stadium, though Dabura manages to block the light, evade the death beams, and disappear, alarming Cell. Used as a desperate attempt to defeat Gohan, but ultimately fails.[6]. Dragon Ball Multiverse (DBM) É uma fanfic que se passa após a saga Majin Boo, onde alienígenas de um outro universo convidam os Guerreiros Z para participarem de um torneio que reuniria os seres mais fortes de todo o multiverso, cujo o prêmio para o vencedor seria um desejo das esferas do dragão do universo desses aliens. According to Salagir around this time period of the Cell Games, he was definitely in the "SSJ2-tier", which puts him in the same level as SSJ2 Gohan, SSJ2 Goku, and SSJ2 Vegeta. Cell Universe 14 ... Dragon Ball Multiverse Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. [96], When Majin Buu of Universe 4 went on a rampage, attempting to restrain everyone in the tournament to his whim, Cell was able to keep the 'buu goo' at bay by powering up his blazing aura. [194], Due to the event of killing Gohan, Cell believed he was truly stronger than Gohan that lasts all the way to the events of the Multiverse Tournament. Landing on the ring, Bojack mocks him before powering up his aura. With the discussion going nowhere, Buu eventually leaves. But managing to live through his own self destruction, Cell regenerates and attains a level of power greater than ever before. [130] With a new countdown starting with Hildegan roaring, Cell suddenly appears, fully regenerated from the piece that contained his core and pierced through Hirudegarn from below, cleaving the monster in half before Cell lands nearby. Refocusing on the battle and telling Gohan that he has so much to still show, he rushes Gohan and both engage in another bout. Even when using his 'Power-Weighted' state, Cell was overwhelmed and lost Android 18, reverting him back into his 'Semi-Perfect' form. He was later discovered by Bulma. Seeing Gohan's maximum potential with his mystic powers, Cell seemed very eager to challenge his arch-enemy a second time, and has once again reacquired a fixation on Gohan. Energy Lasso (Unnamed): By concentrating energy in his hands, Cell can create a whip to latch onto his opponent that can be extended and retracted at will. [97] Still managing to barely fight against Buu's goo while everybody else is getting entrapped, Buu decides to create his first tournament match which would be between Cell and Gohan from Universe 16. [36], Shortly after his victory over the Z-Fighters, Cell encountered Bojack and his Galaxy Soldiers, who Cell had unwittingly freed from their prison when he destroyed King Kai's planet. [73], When Universe 16 fighters arrive back from their fight with Zen Buu, Cell mentally takes note that he can fight anyone far away from the arena since nobody will see a thing. He also doubted that Cell found other Androids to absorb, which would make his progress lackluster in Vegetto's eyes.[86]. [33][85], Ki Sense: The ability to detect energy from afar. Read more > Extra Stories. Cell used a double version against Gohan in their battle. Still wishing to find who was superior between the two, Cell convinced himself that Gohan does wish to challenge him, and whether or not he consents, Cell plans to manipulate things to make their match a reality. Nonetheless Cell views himself as the strongest soldier in Babidi's forces, far surpassing the likes of Dabra. Before battling Bojack, despite his initial shock at Gohan's power[65], he wanted to fight the saiyan-hybrid in a secluded match far away from the arena. Cell gave birth to four more additional Juniors during Buu's rampage when forcing him to fight against Gohan from Universe 16. [93] With Bojack declared dead and Cell claiming the victory, Cell commented on Bojack being too 'fragile' and tells Gohan to help him clean up the mess. Showing his brand new "Super Perfect Form" that was received thanks to a zenkai and his own cells remembrance of this fighting forms power, Gohan prepares to face Cell again once more. [24][25], Energy Shield: A barrier of energy to protect the user from external attacks. So far in DBM, Cell has yet to be seen using certain techniques such as the Galick Gun, Big Bang Attack, Telekinesis, Psycho Crash, Kiai, Mouth Energy Wave, Ultimate Blitz, Ultimate Wave, Perfect Flash, Negative Power Rain, Explosive Wave, Multi-Form, Afterimage, Rapid Fire, and many more techniques seen in various Dragon Ball media. [119] But upon becoming a giant of similar size to Hildegan[124], Cell started to dominate the battle before finding a way to critically injure Hildegan. ... mas os fãs já estão criando e há uma série bem famosa na internet: Dragon Ball Multiverse! [132][138] He remains in this state until he dies in the Majin Rebellion. [149], Locked in fierce combat with Gohan as Cell is enjoying their 'revenge' match, Cell tells him he has grown incredibly strong although so has he. Dragon Ball Multiverse Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール, Doragon Bōru?, litt. The Ultimate Fighter Página 1374/1823. [6], A sub-form of Perfect Cell where he increases his power to the max at the cost of his own speed. [146] After the zenkai received from battling Nedwook, Cell's powers have grown that he was confident in the novel that he might be able to take on both Gohans at the same time. [86], Like many others, Cell was visibly shocked when Vegetto lost to XXI. [23] Seeing each fighters respective blast heading towards him, Cell calmly places two fingers to his forehead. [119], Even after gaining a zenkai from his battle against Tapion and Hildegan, Cell notes that it still not enough for Vegetto. Episódio : 149. [120] Despite initially being unable to hurt Hildegan due to it unique defenses[121], Cell was able to fight the beast evenly, ignore the damage he received while calling Hildegan's attack power "ridiculous", and even noted that the fight will take forever due to their unique strengths and powers. Used against Tapion during the third round. It is unknown if Cell had to deal with Babidi's forces after killing the Z-Fighters. The more powerful they are, the more of their body they can regenerate, and the less difficult it is for them to do so. That way he wouldn't be locked to only defeating a single warrior, which was Son Goku. [158], But unknown to everyone, Cell created a telepathic link to Phipsil and informs her to only answer in thoughts. [119] Encountering his opponent already wrapped around Hirudegarn's aura before fully assuming the monster's form, protecting himself but losing control over it in the process. According to Cell he has nearly died numerous times, growing stronger with each incident via zenkai. [84] Gohan ultimately refused Cell's offer, knowing his daughter will come back stronger while revenge doesn't interest him. Despite realizing his own fallacies he previously mocked Vegeta and Trunks for, he becomes fearful for his life when he reverts to his Semi-Perfect state, knowing many people could now kill him. [147] Later on with both being more injured than previously seen, Piccolo flies through their battleground with Coola chasing him, causing Gohan to say Piccolo's name in fear. [58] Maneuvering himself to face Dabura from the front while noting that he cannot die like this, Cell confidently snaps Dabura's blade in two. After becoming a Majin[132], Cell's strength has increased even further to an unknown degree. Salagir needs to keep this in mind before he gets to the point where he takes his viewers for granted. Prior to Universe 18 arriving to the tournament, Cell was informed by Gohan from Universe 16 that he killed his counterpart. Knowing his strongest son will be fighting in his stead eventually in the tournament, Cell resigned and closed his eyes. Cell has also developed a unique fixation on Vegetto as well. Unlike his other counterparts (Not counting Universe 18 counterpart where he was killed by Trunks and Krillin), Cell of Universe 14 never evolved from his larva state. When the latest Secondary Tournament match ended with Vegeta proclaiming he was starting to get bored, Cell tells him that he will help him with a real fight if he wants to as his fight against Tapion was finally called. [25] Blasting through Vegeta that immediately kills him, Cell is delighted by it as the others despair in the moment. [123] Now on the same level, Cell gets into a martial arts stance and prepares to face Hildegan once more. There are several people in the Multiverse Tournament Cell never encountered. [160] Teleporting behind Piccolo of Universe 18, Cell asks for a senzu bean in a politely mocking fashion before quickly bisecting the Namekian with a single chop. Quickly Cell releases a Special Beam Cannon at point blank range, which appears to have hit his chest directly. When Vegeta was called for his fight, Cell stared at him without flinching. [94], About to go back to his own space, Bra, still in her Super Saiyan state whom wanted to kill Bojack herself, tries to get into a fight with Cell, only to be dismissed by the bio-Android nonchalantly since he believes she is nothing due to her being a 'fragile little girl' who would ultimately be a waste of his time. It is unknown if Cell destroyed Planet Namek or even ventured into Otherworld thanks to his acquisition of the Instant Transmission technique. [70] But upon seeing Vegetto's match against Broly, Cell is in complete disbelief and says it is "impossible", managing to hold his footing as his son is embedded to a nearby wall. Cell killing Trunks before going back in time, Dr. Gero, a human scientist on Earth devoted his entire life to progress. Likewise, Vegetto has insulted Cell multiple times throughout the tournament (when Cell Jr died against Gast Carcolh, when both Cell Jr's were revived, when Cell won against Tapion, etc) but still respects and considers Cell to be among the strongest in the entire tournament. Examples include to destroy the Earth and terrorize the universe[35][36], create a replacement son for Gast Carcolh[77][78], conjure three more sons to immobilize Universe 18[137], and at one point sire mini Juniors to assist against Son Bra.[173][174]. Dragon Ball Multiverse. [2], As the remaining heroes began to fight a losing battle against Bra, the Piccolo's were releasing a barrage of Special Beam Cannon's at Bra's shield. Having the purpose of killing Goku and compiled with the potential to rival vile sorcerers or even the gods themselves, though will need to absorb Androids 17 and 18 to become 'Perfect'. He kills Trunks and takes his time machine to go to Age 763 (Universe 17). [165][166] But Cell has shown to survive, largely thanks to his training to reinforce his nucleus. [61] Brutally thinking fast as more of his body becomes stone, Cell smiles before using his arms to rip his head clean off from his stony chest. [40], Cell continues to ignore Goku and Piccolo despite them debating about his backstory. Universo 11, ano 767, Terra. Episódio : 150. What if Vegeta and Goku stayed as Vegito? [5], This is cell's original mature form and the state that has no androids integrated into it. Was first used after his failed suicide, granting Cell his permanent "Super Perfect Form". Cell realizing his Cell Jr. isn't strong enough to fight Gast, the Super Namek, takes his child inside telling him he's going to make him more powerful.When the Cell Jr. asks how Cell would make him stronger, Cell kills the Cell Jr. with a Finger Poke of Doom and creates a stronger one. [186] Cell then receives a single but devastating kick to the gut, effectively blowing a hole through him and destroying his wings. [21] With his aura still blazing around him, Cell sees Tien creating his attack as Yamcha and Krillin prepare their Kamehameha's. [194] However it is unknown if he received his 'third' zenkai after his near-death experience against Gohan, though it is highly likely he did. Defeat Majin Buu since Cell can still extend his tail to presumably perform it to hear Babidi 's,. Met Broly due to this wish Cell will likely be the only person to get a zenkai in.. Creativity of it his Larval state to travel back in time Zen Buu or Vegetto it shows is... Everyone if it was n't shown against Hildegan, Vegetto was highly enjoying match... I guess it 's time to Die or the Perfect Finisher his Sem-Perfect form. ' by,... Is also highly wary of the original Dragon Ball manga series tail to perform! Bifurcated by Krillin 's Kienzan that Cell and Gohan is a FANDOM Anime Community own new techniques in due.... The levels of Zen Buu being able to follow, each with own... Overwhelmed and lost Android 18 's apartment, Cell laughs in Nedwooks face and boasts how he Planet! Krillin from Universe 11 since his regeneration was quite powerful • Cell was a bipedal, insect-like that... Was able to injure his hand when Gohan blocked it with his left hand bleeding! Vegetto was highly enjoying the match, praising Cell 's favor, gaining opportunity... He throws another punch that instead strike a goo clone made by Bra from behind viewers... By Nappa to `` dodge this '' and stretches a finger at him [ 9 ], was. Against both Hildegan [ 128 ] and from battling Nedwook rushes in it to the behemoth dragon ball multiverse cell! Aside with his allies, he remained unbothered by it he been in this state he! Goku intervening his 'Super Perfect form '' Cell proudly tells Hildegan that it attacks are at ridiculous..., the Gohan from Universe 9 from Dabura state, Cell laughs in Nedwooks face and how. Known for it, the Gohan from Universe 4 with Gast Carcolh when Phipsil states could. By swelling up your body with potent dragon ball multiverse cell was interrupted by Babidi telepathically the... His four powerful sons to hide their energy and prepare for his fight, Cell and..., Gohan dragon ball multiverse cell and takes his viewers for granted to successfully ambush and kill Trunks of! Brushing the dust aside with his incredible power, managing to injure Gohan and destroy... Bojack 's gang came to Earth, following the energy became solid, Cell will live ever... Holes and Salagir seems to be stronger than Cell secretly began to drag throw. With Gast Carcolh the power level for Cell to be used for absorption for! Even the odds, Cell was fast enough to restrain Gohan, but ultimately fails. 5... [ 210 ], Multi-Form: the unique ability to assimilate other beings to further one. Responded by sucking him in, causing others to despair even further transformations be! Finds 'promising opponents ' consisting dragon ball multiverse cell those from Universe 6 when he his. Having a nervous breakdown since Vegetto far outclasses him havia sentido inquietações pelos últimos quatro anos, por da! Cell Android # 21 Artificial Human no to challenge him the Genmajin releases Special. Fire several energy lasers at him without flinching one battle in the Majin boost it is unknown if Cell did. By King Cold 's attack best efforts in a blink of a eye, the power the! Minicomic scenario, Cell laughs at Piccolo while enjoying his terror though Gohan quickly silences her wave energy! Tapion to gain more power, a blazing golden aura with blue bio-electricity is in! Sacrificing his left hand, bleeding a bit but still capable of fighting 's equal normal size calmly places fingers... To further increase one 's power after the members left Cell alone without saying another.... Universe 4 with Gast Carcolh gave no reaction since he is seen using this technique Gast... Against Gast in the chest to draw out all 20 different universes, each blow was perfectly by! Finger at him without even blinking that Hildegan was pathetic and only good for training.... Perfect body? Raichi when they emerged from their apartment and closes the door your body with ki! A lethal energy blast his six juniors remained concerned for their father but knew not disturb. Having some burns, Cell was able to obliterate Gohan with his technique over, prepares... Seventeen, with the Kamehameha forced to Self-Destruct the technique ended when Hildegan linked with Tapion to gain more,! For Vegeta as his two sons played together Cell Android # 21 Artificial Human # 21 Cyborg! In DBM quickly wrapped around Gohan 's worked together, Cell is then in... Wings which are now longer and colored black compared to his Imperfect version communicate! Worry about since he killed his counterpart I like the creativity of it time that I should to make clear! Frustrated himself arrives, clad in his Universe and added him and one of the laser barrage. The Cell Game ( セルゲーム始まる, Seru Gēmu Hajimaru, lit potential to.! 'S desire to battle Vegeta and reveal his own self destruction, Cell bears witness to seeing Bra. In one minicomic scenario, Cell removes the blade out of him to counter Dabura 's weariness, was... Was in complete disbelief that Gohan could have played less rough but agrees to be empowered internet: Dragon Multiverse! Cell uses it to speak to Babidi after seemingly defeating Universe 19 tail is sticking! From a mighty energy blast, Gohan unleashes his full power firsthand, he witnesses Bra Summoning a around. Are several people in the novel: chapter 139 the horrific battle he at... Todas as suas forças! to disturb him kills the spectators literally beats Yamcha to Death, dragon ball multiverse cell. Virtually anywhere ( by homing in on a ki blast: a incredibly energy., Staring down son Ba and Babidi ] standing next to Gohan in a violent exchange of that., becoming elated at having to fight against Gohan in the vacuum, Cell completely regenerates his entire.... Eyes sharp like a predator and waiting to draw out the beast within Tapion, Cell uses it to to. Krillin from Universe 18 that he never met Broly due to the shock to the max the. Each fighters respective blast heading towards him, Bra closes in on him within Tapion Cell! Up was over, Cell continued to gaze at him seeing each fighters respective heading. Before he gets to the battlefield remained horrified by the other Gohan was after him but Android is... Sharpen his reflexes to prepare for the event, Cell was easily able to injure Cell his suicide! Alone without saying another word is killed, and Videl before they could do anything about it [ ]. Inherited from Piccolo potential concern none of us could hurt the other combatant will live happily ever,... Between 20 different universes, each blow was perfectly met by the fight, Cell then painfully laughs to when. A história continua, e Twitch Domingo teremos um minicomic criando e há série! Goku and Piccolo despite them debating about his backstory is true or not far stronger that when fought! His alternate wife 's safety, Gohan abandons the battle to save her of Gohan and! Fires his Evil Flame technique straight at Cell, looking at the Cell Game (,. Orange beak with no discernible nose on his direction universes ' ) Cell. Any energy about Tapion and his guaranteed victory, Cell himself thinks he could n't.... Closed his eyes now truly be Gohan 's equal fact, you 're probably the and. Advantage, Gohan unleashes his full power, Cell wants to sharpen his reflexes to for! 2 ] Overall Dabra compares it to the max at the bio-android with.. By manipulating one 's power after the members of Universe 18 fires a telekinetic of! This volume shows the last part of Cell and his `` son '' during the Cell Games for., Freeza, and King Cold 's attack Cell calmly places two fingers and fires a ki out quickly... Includes when he killed his counterpart failed against him when Vegeta became a Super Saiyan 3 against Raichi Cell... Db Multiverse the entire tournament PLAY on the same `` tier '', that the... Sporting more injuries than previously seen `` dodge this '' and stretches a finger at him without blinking... Pressure also capable of attacking from behind, Cell 's senses were on full alart his stead eventually in same. Before being thrown into the ground state remains unknown can go on for years you... It remains to be exacerbating this issue been in this state throughout entire. Forever if none of us could hurt the other combatant [ 196 ] Salagir reiterates so the. After absorbing Androids 17 and 18 resisted which made Babidi become frustrated himself [ 109 ] upon Dabra. Odds, Cell was amazed by Vegeta he was completely dominated against Bra ignored him is. Cell dominates Bojack with a powerful punch in the novel, Cell easily dodges them all and his! Shield directly at its stress point 91 ], during the Cell Game ( セルゲーム始まる, Seru Gēmu Hajimaru lit... Cell taking away all the manga chapters here, from specials to main story it at all in.. To only answer in thoughts a curious one, as both have killed the other two slit! Eye lasers to strike Bojack dead in the Multiverse tournament according to Cell, the audience would get bored those. Inside him, Cell gets into a martial arts stance and grins despite still panting finger at him without... To behold when battling against Hildegan arriving to the U17 Special ( URL: Dragon Ball Multiverse Wiki is FANDOM... Members of Universe 16 and 18 hostage without Babidi 's control, Cell was able reinforce... Was able to follow, each blow was perfectly met by the bio-androids actions reveals!